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Last Day to Register: 03/25/2022
Sign up your player now to play during our Spring 2022 season. Build foundational skills. Grow as a player. Going into Pre-k through Kindergarten will play Tball Going into 1st Grade through 2nd Grade will play Coach Pitch Going into 3rd Grade through 4th Grade will play Machine Pitch Going into 5th Grade through 6th Grade will play Live Pitch Going into 7th Grade through 9th Grade will play Live Pitch Our Recreational league includes players from Pre-K - 8th grade. Practice will start in the middle of April. Games will start in the middle of May. We will release a schedule around the beginning of May for league play. Cost is $60/player (we offer discounts for multiple children from the same family). We accept payment via PayPal or check.

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Advanced Coach Pitch

The Coach Pitch Age Division now offers an Advanced League
  • Play 3 Outs
  • Balls and strikes kept
  • 10 players on the Field at a Time
  • Umpire Determines Strikes/Outs
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